Our open-air selfie station setup comes with an 8x8 foot backdrop, so there's plenty of room for a crowd to get in the run. Same goes for our enclosed booths. There's 20 square feet of space inside of them, with room for eight or more adults; 14 is the record. The more the merrier, we always say.   


We have an array of crazy props: Feather boas, masks, cowboy hats, Viking helmets, crowns, giant sunglasses, Easter bunny ears, elf hats, and stick mustaches, lips, eyewear and hats, plus much more. 


With our Internet-based photo sharing app you can text or email photos shot in the booth and let the world know about your event as it's happening. 

Enclosed photo booth setup
Open-air selfie station with 8x8 foot backdrop
8x8 Ft Backdrops for Open-Air Selfie Station 
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